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The cat is out of the bag. Or in this case, the barn? Farmer Chris Soules will star as The Bachelor for the 2015 season, sources close to the production say.

ABC tried to keep this close to the vest, even implying that other guys were in the running for the job (how seriously they were considered is anyone’s guess).

Enter Reality Steve, though, and everything changes. The man who put The Bachelor spoilers on the map has blown the lid off yet another secret.

According to Steve, who has giant cojones and doesn’t hide his scoop for one second, Soules has already signed a contract and is has begun filming.

While he’s been wrong before on several noteworthy occasions, most of the time he is anything but. In fact, Steve’s track record is the stuff of legends.

Especially considering that ABC simply cannot foil him, shut him down or figure out how the heck he gets his intel, this feat is all the more impressive.

So despite the subterfuge and rumors that Nick Viall, Arie Luyendyk, Jr., or possibly even Marquel Martin would get the nod, it was Chris’ from the start.

This is as good as an official announcement from the network, which you’re not likely to get until Bachelor in Paradise mercifully ends later this summer.

Now that we know it’s Chris Soules, the question becomes what kind of Bachelor he’ll be. One thing’s for sure: he’s the antithesis of Juan Pablo Galavis.

He’s the consummate gentleman, a farmer from Iowa who is handsome and yet approachable, honest and sensitive, family-oriented and charming to boot.

Of course, The Bachelor(ette) has a way of putting people in scandalous or shady situations, even if the person would be playing against type.

If you’re Chris Bukowski, you just run with this and embody the sleaze persona. But the Soules Man? The editors may have to put in some overtime.

Chris Soules as The Bachelor: Good choice?