Awesome 5-Year Old Loves Amusement Park Ride, Should Be Hired as Reporter

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Someone give Noah Ritter a reporting job already!

This ridiculously cute five-year old was approached by Sofia Ojeda of WNEP-TV at the Pennsylvania Wayne County Fair over the weekend and asked if he enjoyed his last ride.

He responded by grabbing the microphone and saying (repeatedly) that he’s “never been on live television before” and talking about Powerball and uttering the word “apparently” often and...

... just watch the video for yourself. It may be the cutest 90 seconds you'll ever spend.

With some toddlers APPARENTLY aspiring to be Hooters waitresses, isn't it nice to see one young man who is ready for his television close-up right now?

Let's take a look at some other cute kid videos, shall we?


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