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Tallulah Willis nearly gets naked in the following video.

But not for same reason why Kendall Jenner nearly gets naked each week on Instagram.

Instead, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’ daughter is taking part in The What’s Underneath Project, removing her clothing to make a point about body dysmorphia.

Tallulah says  she developed it by “reading those stupid f-cking tabloids when I was like 13 and feeling like I was ugly," adding:

"I was trapped in this body and I hated that I was sexy. That was when I started starving myself and losing a bunch of weight and I got down to like 95 pounds… I lost my curves and my boobs shriveled up into like nothing."

Tallulah Willis Strips for 'The What's Underneath Project'

Hoping to set an example for how women should learn to accept who they are, Willis concludes:

"I viewed super skinny me as smart and intelligent… But I was actually creating more of a cage for myself and more of an issue."

Does someone wanna send this message and this video to Kim Kardashian or just we go ahead and do it?