Mom Defends Dressing Up Four-Year-Old as Hooters Waitress, Putting Toddlers & Tiaras to Shame

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Just when you thought you'd seen everything when it comes to reality shows and parenting fails, something comes along that makes you question humanity.

A mom finds herself in the hot seat this week after she decided, somehow, to dress up her four-year-old daughter in a homemade Hooters waitress outfit.

Her little girl's got talent, she says, and she hopes to find success in the pageant world. Makes even Dance Moms and Toddlers and Tiaras seem classy ...

4-Year-Old Hooters Waitress

In the U.K. documentary Blinging Up Baby, viewers meet Liane, an unemployed 33-year-old mom who has high hopes for daughters Bessie-Sue and Scarlett.

"They are very talented little girls," she tells the crew, explaining the outfit.

"You do try and be original, so something you have not seen before."

In addition to making a Hooters outfit for Scarlett, Liane also teaches her youngest daughter a dance routine that features the splits and pelvic thrusts.

"Some people may say it is controversial, especially the theme I have chosen," Liane explains. "But at the end of the day little girls wear swimming costumes to the beach all summer."

"That," she says, "is not a controlled environment."

"The environment my kids go in is a controlled environment and it is ticket-entry only, so if anyone thinks it's controversial then please explain because it ain't at all."

Despite the backlash, she is undeterred.

"I have invested a lot in them," she says in the documentary, referring to the two young girls. "I am very ambitious for them and I do push them."

A bit too far, one might say. Just a bit.

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