53 Adorable Kid Videos

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Kids often say the darndest things. Bill Cosby once taught us that.

And they also do the darndest things when a video camera is pointed in their direction, as evidenced by this hilarious collection of adorable videos.

Watch now!

1. Toddler Falls in Love at Best Buy

A youngster named Julian falls in love with a pretty girl at Best Buy ... on a box.

2. Kids React to Walkman with Confusion, Anger

A walkman?!? Kids wonder what the heck this device is in this hilarious video.

3. Kids React to Baby News

Their mom is having another baby! Watch two kids adorably react to this news here.

4. Toddler Argues About Cupcakes

This three-year old really wants to eat cupcakes for dinner. But his mother is having none of it.

5. Children Re-Enact Richard Sherman Rant

In an interview with Erin Andrews, Richard Sherman went off about his team going to the Super Bowl. And in this great video, kids re-enact his rant.

6. LeBron James' Kids: Alley-Oop Dunk!

LeBron James' two sons throw it DOWN in this awesome clip that the proud papa posted online.

7. Baby Reacts to Mother Singing

This is amazing. Watch a mother sing to her baby and watch the baby's reaction.

8. Baby Laughs at Power Drill

Watching this baby laugh at a power drill is as cute as it gets.

9. Baby Walks, Falls on Ice

This baby is walking on ice for the first time in this video. It's downright adorable.

10. Girl Dances to Beyonce

This 12-year old is dancing to Beyonce. And doing an amazing job of it.

11. Little Kid Dances With Street Performer

A little kid and a street performer get down in the cutest collaboration ever.

12. American Girl Petition

This 10-year-old started an American Girl petition to get a girl with a disability named Girl of the Year.

13. One-Year Old Beatboxer: So Cute!

A one-year old sort of joins her uncle in this video and beatboxes away. Watch and laugh now.

14. Hockey Player Makes Young Fan's Day

A player on the Minnesota Wild waves at a young fan in this video. And he makes the little kid's life.

15. 11 Year Old Boy Stops Traffic to Save Injured Dog

An 11 year old boy in Brazil stopped oncoming traffic to save an injured dog when the driver who hit the pooch drove away.

16. Little Girl Cries at Parents' Wedding Song

This little girl crying when her parents' wedding song plays? Just about the most adorable thing you'll ever see.

17. Preschool Tap Dancer

This precocious little star taps to the beat of her own foot, and no one, and we mean no one can stop her!

18. Best Father-Daughter Dance Ever

Watch this hilarious father and daughter dance at the bat-mitzvah of Jessica Hanley.

19. Dog and Tiny Owner Play with Bubbles

This toddler and this dog play with bubbles in this video. The only question: Which one is cuter?!?

20. 2-Year-Old Wishes Mom Happy Birthday

This two year old named Claire wishes her mom a happy birthday in a sweet viral video.

21. 3-Year Old Nails Amazing Golf Shots

This three-year old is much better at golf than us or you. See for yourself in this video.

22. Dog Befriends Boy With Down Syndrome

Watch as this dog refuses to let a little boy with Down Syndrome NOT play with him ... gently.

23. Kids React to Disney Surprise: YES!

A couple cute kids are surprised in this video when their dad says they are going to Disney World. YES! Watch now.

24. Little Girl Dances at Wedding

Check out this video of a little girl dancing up a storm at a wedding. It's awesome!

25. Eight-Year-Old Girl: Dribbling Skills!

This eight-year-old girl has some serious dribbling skills. Check out the video and see!

26. Boy Duets with Father on The Beatles

A father plays his guitar in this video alongside his adorable son. Watch the cute duet now!

27. Girl Knows Her Superhero Trivia!

Check out this girl rattle off some impressive knowledge of superhero trivia in the back seat. She's good!

28. 7-Year-Old Plays Sweet Child O' Mine

Check out this adorable seven-year-old girl play Guns N' Roses' classic "Sweet Child O' Mine"!

29. Toddler Faceplants During Nap

Check out this adorable and hilarious video of a toddler practicing face plants during "nap."

30. Baby Wakes Up to "Gangnam Style"

Looks like not everyone is sick of "Gangnam Style." Watch one baby awaken to it here.

31. 4-Year Old Asks Jesus to End Winter

You tell em, toddler! Watch this four-year old plead with Jesus to make it warm.

32. Kids Reenact 2014 Oscar Nominees

Kids reenact various scenes from the 2014 Oscar Best Picture nominees in this amazing video. Watch now.

33. Twins Act Like They Are Still in the Womb

These twins were just born. But they still believe they are in the womb. It's wonderful.

34. Kids Dance Party!

Cutest video ever? Watch a bunch of very young kids totally start their own dance party now.

35. 11-Year Old Reacts to News of Impending Sibling

In this moving video, an 11-year old learns he'll be a big brother. And the news moves him to tears.

36. Toddler List of Bad Words

This toddler rattles off a list of bad words he knows. The results are predictably great.

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