15 GIFs That Sum Up Your First Sexual Experience: Actually SFW (and Hilarious)!

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Whether we're talking about young celebrities who lost their virginity to other stars or common folk, it's pretty much a given that it was very, very awkward.

Not to mention rather quick.

If your first sexual experience was great, we're happy for you. But you're in the minority among a populace for whom it was more weird and confusing than anything.

Satisfying? Possibly. But also a bit uncomfortable. And did we mention fast?

We have a point, we promise: Reddit asked people to sum up their first time not just with a single GIF, but one you could actually view at work or school.

The results require no explanation. Some are still a little suggestive in a bizarre way, but by and large, it's a gallery of SFW, innuendo-filled comedy genius.

See 15 examples below: