7 Stars Who Lost Their Virginity to Other Celebrities (or So We've Heard)

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The rumor that America's Sweetheart lost her v-card to one of her famous exes - who then dumped her via text after no-showing her birthday party - shocked fans.

Have no fear, though, Taylor Swift. You're not the only celebrity to famously give her virginity to another famous person, of course. Far from it. Far from it.

One of your BFFs, in fact, is on this very list ...

In Hollywood, it's almost inevitable that young, attractive celebrity types will exchange bodily fluids. So did it truly happen as reported between Taylor and ...

That guy?! (See gallery above to learn his identity.)

We'll never know for certain, but that eyebrow-raising story did get THG thinking about other celebrities who reportedly gave up their virginity to fellow stars.

Stars we know and love. Well, mostly love.

There are certainly countless others, but these stars' v-cards all got a good deal of tabloid attention. Perhaps none more so than the young lady shown above.

Click through the seven celebs whose first times have played out in the press above, and hit the comments to tell us if you believe it, and who we left out ...

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