The Bachelorette Season Finale Preview: Who Will Propose, Win the Final Rose?

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On The Bachelorette season finale July 28, two men will (most likely) propose to Andi Dorfman, but as we know, only one of them will win the final rose.

Nick Viall and Josh Murray are both very much in it to win it, too.

ABC's season finale promo below teases us with the possibility of a shocking twist, but by all accounts, there will be two dudes proposing and one heartbreak:

With one notable, unprecedented and tragic exception in the death of contestant Eric Hill, this season of The Bachelorette has been rather conventional.

There have been whispers of men being there for the wrong reasons, and there were moments of strife between the guys, but all in all, standard stuff.

For the most part, however, the ABC show stayed true to form, which should make the Men Tell All special pretty boilerplate next Monday night.

As we head into the finale, though, some major questions remain:

  1. Do both Nick and Josh propose to Andi Dorfman?
  2. Does our girl say yes to one and reject the other?
  3. Is the runner-up still pining for Andi to this day?
  4. Is there any chance she'll change her mind?

If you've seen the surprising video that surfaced of Nick Viall talk about The Bachelorette finale, you know the answer to the first two questions.

The next two? Not even The Bachelorette spoilers give that away.

There are whispers that the runner-up made a play for her after the finale and before the Men Tell All taping this month, in hopes she would reconsider.

There are also reports that this season's winner has already been cheating on Andi back home since the finale, which would obviously be scandalous.

Either way, it should make for a very interesting conclusion to the season, and aftermath, as the After the Final Rose taping remains shrouded in mystery.

Stay tuned ... and vote for who you think she should pic below:

And the Winner is?

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