The Bachelorette Season 10 Episode 8 Recap: Hometown Dates and Heartbreak

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It's hometown dates on The Bachelorette and Andi Dorfman is ready to meet the families, a responsibility she takes very, very seriously. Very seriously, you guys. 

Will she fall in love with Iowa? Or is Atlanta her forever home? The Bachelorette spoilers might give you a clue, but it's way more fun to watch The Bachelorette online, you know?

For the first hometown date of the night, Andi heads to Milwaukee to meet up with Nick. After spending a day touring the city and visiting a brewery, Nick takes her back to his mom's house to introduce her to 9 of his 10 siblings. 

"This is a big family," Andi says. The rest of the world goes "Oh, really?? NO WAY."

Nick's sister Maria is scared Andi will break Nick's heart. Nick knows that's a risk. Andi knows that's a risk. Maria knows that's a risk and says "go for it."

Little sister Bella has some questions for Andi, namely "Do you truly love my brother?" Way to lob a soft one at her, Bella!

Nick tells his mom he thinks he's Andi's favorite and then the family gives Nick the green light on Andi. Nick puts her in the car to head to Iowa without telling her he loves her, saying he knows he'll have more time.

Next up, Andi heads to Iowa to see what life would be like down on the farm. 

Chris makes a serious case for winning The Bachelorette with 1) his GIANT house 2) that plaid shirt and vest combo 3) having an airplane carry a sign that says "Chris loves Andi" while they're on a picnic.

Seriously, Farmer Chris is the hottest farmer ever. EVER. 

Andi and Chris are both concerned about what she'd do for a career in Iowa. She says she's not really a city girl since she grew up in the suburbs.

Chris' family is AMAZING. Truly amazing. His sisters open up and share the dirt on Chris as a kid and his mom puts Andi at ease about what it's like to go from growing up in a city and settling down on a farm.

Chris earns MAJOR points after that hometown visit.

In Tampa, FL, Andi and Josh spend the day playing baseball before going to visit Josh's family to find out how Josh's brother Aaron's NFL draft preparations are going. 

Josh's life has revolved around Aaron and his family and in every conversation with Andi, Aaron's impending draft comes up. With Josh, however, his family members can see that he's in love with her. 

She leaves Tampa understanding that there would be hurdles with his family, but feeling confident they can be overcome.

Marcus, in Dallas, TX, reenacts their very first date by stripping for her in a private reenact a day in his life? Weird.

At dinner, Marcus tells his brother that he appreciates the sacrifices Conrad made when their father left to act as a father figure for him while Marcus' sister Cathy is telling Andi that Marcus has a tendency to be overcaring and overly open. 

Marcus' mother, Halina, is shocked to see how open Marcus has been with Andi and says she didn't expect it, indicating he's not usually that way with women. 

Andi's not sure if she can "catch up" to Marcus and where he is, but he tells her he loves her and then says she's his soulmate.

Before the rose ceremony, Andi and the bachelors are summoned to Chris Harrison's house where they all learn that Eric Hill died in a paragliding accident. She begins to cry and eventually they are joined by the crew and producers as she thinks about her last conversation with Eric before asking him to leave.

It's an awkward moment, for sure, because it's watching their grief on camera.

The next night, before the rose ceremony, Chris and Andi sit down and she says she doesn't know how to go through with a rose ceremony when Eric is dead. Chris Harrison reminds her that she doesn't have to be strong for everyone and that they're all in this together.

After leaving the rose ceremony in tears, Andi returns to send Marcus home to Dallas, TX. He will not be getting an invitation to the fantasy suite.

That means JoshNick, and Chris are heading to the Dominican Republic to rendezvous with Andi behind closed doors, and what happens in the Fantasy Suite STAYS in the Fantasy Suite.

Unless one of the guys pulls an Andi Dorfman the next morning...We'll find out next week!

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