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Here is a way to make plane crash selfies seem like the most regular and harmless thing in the world:

Take photos of yourself making funny poses at the most notorious concentration camp in human history and post them online.

Indeed, an Israeli Facebook group (whose name translates to "With My Besties in Auschwitz”) rose to viral infamy last week after it started publishing selfies of its members at Auschwitz.

Operated by the Third Reich in Polish areas annexed by Germany during World War II, Auschwitz was the site of over 1 million deaths at the hands of the Nazis between 1942 and 1944.

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This Facebook group featured pictures from the concentration camp, complete with hashtags and other marks of social media.


It generated over 12,000 Likes before severe criticism led to it being yanked down after two days.

Over the weekend, Facebook made a similar move when it deleted photos of Kendall Jones kneeling over her prey in Africa.

That 19-year old Texas Tech student had come under fire for killing endangered species and then bragging about it online, a source of understandable contention for many, to be sure.

But still… compared to selfies at Auschwitz?!? Jones might as well be Mother Teresa.