Python DEVOURS Antelope: See the Photos!

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As we've seen many times over the past few weeks, one is often surprised by the unexpected animal friendships made at home and out in the wilderness.

Sometimes, even when you'd never see it coming, contrasting creatures simply get along well with each other.

Other times, however, well... a python comes across an antelope and simply swallows the animal whole.

Such was the case recently for Indian animal rescuer Nitish Bambhaniya, who received a call from the small village of Billa and was told a snake was chowing down on its large prey.

So he rushed over there and captured the event on his camera, as the python’s jaws extended to truly unbelievable lengths to fit the antelope inside its inflating body.

Watch the entire thing unfold in this video:

When all was said, done and nearly digested, the villagers actually caught the python and gave it to forest department officials, who released it into nearby woods.

Crazy, huh?

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