Kim Kardashian Throws Shade at Jay Z and Beyonce on Instagram?

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GQ declared that Kanye West is a "style god" earlier this week, and his wife Kim Kardashian is taking the title seriously by reminding the world that Yeezy is responsible for such bold, trendsetting fashion statements masks?

Yes, Kim celebrated Throwback Thursday this week by posting a photo of Kanye looking like he's ready to pull a bank heist with the least gangsta man on earth as his getaway driver.

Kanye West and Scott Disick Photo

On the upside, Scott Disick's not boozing in this picture. On the downside, many are interpreting Kim's caption on the photo as a subtle shot at Jay Z and Beyonce.

"#ThrowbackThursday #LastYear #StyleIcons" wrote Kim.

So what's the big deal? Kim's just feeding her husband's ego the daily feast of compliments that it needs to survive.

True, but there's also this:

On the Run Tour Art

Yes, Bey and Jay bit Kanye's slope-style headgear in promotional pics for their current On the Run tour.

So it's easy to see how Kim's reminders that Kanye is a "#StyleIcon," and his ski mask pic was taken "#LastYear" could be taken as low-key jabs at the hip hop power couple.

But hey, Kim's just making sure the we all realize her man was the first person to ever have his picture taken while wearing a ski mask. See, that's the burden of being a style god: you always have to be be on the lookout for haters and imitators copying your look.

Target-shopping cretins like you and I wouldn't understand.

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