22 Animal Friendships We Did NOT See Coming

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Check out a handful of animal friendships that no one could have seen coming.

1. Cat and Lynx

Cat and Lynx
Well, this is adorable. Check out a photo of a cat and a lynx who have become best friends at the zoo in St. Petersburg, Russia.

2. Goat and Donkey

Watch this video to see a lonely goat refuse to eat and go outside... until his best friend arrives to live with him! It's unusually emotional stuff.

3. Elephant and Dog

An elephant and a dog as best friend? Who play catch in the water? It doesn't get much cuter than this!

4. Lion, Tiger and Bear

Lion, Tiger and Bear
This lion, this tiger and this bear are best friends. They live together in a George sanctuary.

5. Pig and Dogs

Pig and Dogs
Is there anything cuter in the world than a pig snuggling with a dog? There may not be.

6. Dog and Horse

This dog and this miniature horse are the cutest and bestest of friends. And you need to watch this video.

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