Pit Bull Saves Life of Maimed Chihuahua: See the Best Friend Pics!

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Attention all dog lovers: The following story is sure to move you to tears.

Police in Savannah, Georgia recently found a Pit Bull wandering around a neighborhood with an injured Chihuahua in its mouth, stopping occasionally to lick its friend’s infected eye.

Law enforcement officials took the canines to the Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Animal Control Shelter, where the injured pup underwent surgery before being reunited with his best friend.

Via the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department Facebook page, the dogs were very excited to see each other, “licking, whining, caressing and finally cuddling" while onlookers watched in awe.

They’ve been dubbed “Jonie and Chachi” due to their close relationship and are currently looking for an adoption, preferably together.

Who could possibly resist these faces?!? If you know someone interested in taking the dogs in, please let us know.

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