Peyton Manning "Dances" During Practice, Makes Total Fool of Himself

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We really didn't think it could get any worse than this woman Twerking on this man's gigantic belly during a music festival in Ohio last week.

Then again... we really thought the Denver Broncos would beat the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII as well.

A disturbing video has surfaced in which Peyton Manning proves that he's as terrible at dancing as he is terrific at playing quarterback, moving and shaking like your drunk uncle at a wedding during the playing of "Rocky Top" during practice.

As a University of Tennessee alum, we know it's a requirement for Manning to break into dance upon hearing this tune.

But couldn't he take a few lessons from Wes Welker?

Stick to throwing touchdown passes, Peyton.

And please don't pull any muscles. We plan on drafting you in our fantasy football league.

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