Hilary Duff: "Chasing the Sun" in Comeback Music Video!

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Hilary Duff's hiatus is over. The singer-actress is back and "Chasing the Sun" in a new music video, which features the 26-year-old sizzling in a bikini:

Duff croons in the upbeat pop track, "I'm chasing the sun / Won't miss out on the fun / Gotta get it while our hearts are young / I'm chasing the sun."

The video begins in a corporate office (BOOO!) where Duff plays a maligned employee (she's an actress, after all) slaving away at the daily grind.

Fortunately, she can daydream ... about spending her hours outside.

As her thoughts wander, we're treated to images of Hilary lying in the sand in a bikini and getting a sunscreen rubdown from a hot male companion.

Avert your eyes, Mike Comrie.

Watch Hilary's music video above and tell us what you think, then check out this gallery of other child stars then and now ... how the time flies:

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