31 Fanatic Sports Videos

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Some sports fans are more memorable than others. Consider these, for example.

1. 2-Year Old LOVES Hockey

This 2-year old is the biggest hockey fan you'll ever meet. Watch him cheer on the Penguins now.

2. Young Fan Gives Ball to Younger Fan

A young Arizona fan made an even younger fan's day at a recent MLB contest. Check it out here.

3. Young Mariners Fan Channels Michael Jackson

Check out this kid's Michael Jackson dance moves. Probably more interesting than watching the action at a Seattle Mariners game.

4. Rangers Fan Falls Over Railing

This Rangers fan, tragically, did not survive the fall seen in this video. Watch it if you must, but bear in mind that what you are about to see is disturbing and very sad.

5. Vancouver Fan Takes Grenade to the Crotch

This happened in the aftermath of the Canucks' loss in the Stanley Cup Finals June 15, 2011. The title speaks for itself.

6. Celtics Fan, Little Kid Swear at TV

Hey, it's the playoffs. $h!t is bound to get real.

7. Rays Fan Flips Over Railing

A fan of the Tampa Bay Rays turned an epic fail into an epic win as he fell over a railing lunging for a foul ball, only to stick the landing.

8. Alabama Fan Distracts Other Team

An Alabama fan distracts opposing players using a giant blown-up pic of his own face. Hilarious.

9. Little Big Giants Fan

This little kid is a bigger Giants fan than you. Trust us.

10. Packers Fan Cries

Watch this female Packers fan react to her team's loss to the New York Giants last weekend. Suffice it to say she is not taking it well.

11. Blackhawks Fan Hits on Reporter

This Chicago Blackhawks fan took the opportunity to hit on a reporter after being interviewed during an intermission contest. Pretty funny.

12. Yankee Fans Sing "Sweet Caroline"

Yankee fans pay homage to Boston in this video, singing the Fenway Park classic "Sweet Caroline" the day after the marathon bombing.

13. Fan Catches Foul Ball in Beer

Check out this video of a baseball fan snaring a foul ball in his beer ... then pounding it like a boss!

14. Kevin Durant Tackles Fan in Celebration

In this video, a fan makes a halfcourt shot and wins $20,000. He also gets tackled by Kevin Durant in celebration.

15. Kevin Durant Kisses Fan

Kevin Durant planted a peck on a courtside fan last week. Watch the cute act now.

16. LeBron James Hugs Fan

LeBron James celebrates a fan winning $75,000 in this awesome video. Watch now!

17. Kris Humphries Sweats, Grosses Out Fan

Kris Humphries is gross! That's the opinion of this basketball fan who tried to touch the NBA power forward.

18. Cowboys Fan Blows Up Romo Jersey

A Cowboys fan is really mad at Tony Romo. To what extent? He blows up a washing machine here with the QB's uniform draped over it.

19. Padres Fan Hit By Foul Ball

This San Diego Padres fan was hit by a foul ball while in mid-Facebook update. That's pretty embarrassing.

20. Yankee Fans Get Engaged on TV

Two Yankee fans get engaged in this video. Live! During a local New York news report!

21. Cubs Fan Foul Ball Catch

A Cubs fan goes to dangerous lengths to snare this foul ball during a game against the Mets. But at least he caught it!

22. Bruins Fans Sing National Anthem

Boston Bruins fans passionately sing the national anthem at the first home game played since the bombing at that city's marathon.

23. Jets Fan Punches Woman

Some Jets fans got into a brawl after the team's win over the Patriots. A woman got hit in the face.

24. Georgia Fan Breaks Down on Radio

This Georgia fan is very passionaite about his team. And very upset over its Week 1 loss to Clemson.

25. Bill Goldberg Spears Baseball Fan

Bill Goldberg throws out the first pitch here at a Miami Marlins game. He then spears a fan.

26. Hockey Player Makes Young Fan's Day

A player on the Minnesota Wild waves at a young fan in this video. And he makes the little kid's life.

27. Pistons Fan vs. Usher: Dance-Off!

Watch this video for a great dance-off between a Pistons fan and a Pistons usher. Who would you say won the battle?

28. Fan Distracts Foul Shooter with Wrecking Ball

A fan distracts a UNC foul shooter in this video by singing "Wrecking Ball." And it works!

29. Celtics Fan Dances Up a Storm

This Celtics fan was the star of the team's game, dancing like no one is watching.

30. Paper Plane Strikes Soccer Player

Whoa there! A paper airplane is thrown from the upper deck of a soccer stadium in this video - and manages to hit a player in the shoulder!

31. Cubs Fan Catch Foul Ball in Beer, CHUGS

Coolest Cubs fan ever? Watch this young woman react to a foul ball being caught in her beer... in the most awesome way one can.

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