Parents Complain About Penis Drawing on Baby's Clothing, Apparel Company Apologizes

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You really never know when a penis will pop up.

Sometimes a church in Illinois takes this shape. Other times, a furry black dog.

And at other times you're feeding your baby girl when you notice a drawing inside a shape that very closely resembles a man's most private part.

This is what happened to Shane and Carla Gallivan of Nottinghamshire, with the latter telling Great Britain’s The Metro that she recently noticed how her child’s “trousers were covered in penises” and she was “angry because it’s not the kind of thing you should be dressing a baby in.”

Not typically, no. One would hope not, at least.

Penis on Baby Clothing

A close look does seem to reveal that a designer may have been having a bit of subtle fun with this item.

However, retailer Next says it’s an “innocent mistake” that was simply missed in the “approval process" and that others complained about it prior to the Gallivans.

"As it was inappropriate, we made the decision to withdraw this item from sale as soon as it was bought to our attention earlier this year," Next said via statement.

That's likely the right call.

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