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It’s been a banner week for Lindsay Lohan.

On Tuesday, Lindsay drunkenly fell down at an Italian film festival. Yesterday, bikini photos of Lindsay hit the Web and revealed that LiLo has been spending far more time hitting the bottle than hitting the gym.

But while most of us can laugh at Lindsay’s prominent beer belly and lack of coordination, some of those who know the troubled actress best don’t find it so funny.

Since moving to London back in early May, Lindsay has reportedly cut off all contact with her “sober circle” – a network of friends in the US who had helped Linds resist the temptation to go back to drinking and drugging.

“You can only give someone so many chances,” a source tells Radar Online. “She’s not answering calls from her sober friends. It’s frustrating.”

“Everyone thinks Lindsay moved to London because she knows she can get away with things there that she can’t get away with here.”

From the looks of it, however, Lindsay hasn’t been getting away with much of anything overseas.

Linds has said that she moved to London to escape the paparazzi, and while she may encounter fewer of them in England, she’s still been photographed stumbling out of clubs on several occasions.

Amazingly, Lohan somehow managed to find acting work in a London theater production, but reports indicate that Lindsay will soon be fired from the play as a result of chronic lateness and skipped rehearsals.

So after things don’t work out in London, will Lindsay move even further away? We hear Baghdad is nice this time of year!