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Ever since Lindsay Lohan moved to London, she’s been giving interviews about how she’s cleaned up her act by day, and going out and getting hammered by night.

For example, earlier this week, Lindsay swore she’ll never get fired again because she’s a sober, serious actress these days.

Then this happened:

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That’s Lindsay at the Ischia Film Festival in Italy, where she reportedly stumbled around drunk before taking a tumble in front of dozens of onlookers, then created a scene by arguing with the paparazzi and blaming them for her fall.

She’s almost too classy, right?


The best part of all this is that Linds claims she moved to Europe to escape American tabloid culture and soak up the respect she deserves as her generation’s Meryl Streep.

Then she shows up to a major film festival with a dozen vodka tonics sloshing around in her stomach and falls on her face.

At first, we thought the story about Lindsay running naked through a London department store was too ridiculous to be true, but at this point, we’re not sure we’d put anything past her.

Check out the gallery below for some lowlights of Lindsay’s time overseas: