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It’s Deju Vu all over again for Joy Behar.

For many months during her stint as co-host of The View, Behar was stuck between a feuding Rosie O’Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck – and now that O’Donnell is on her way back, Behar finds herself once again being asked about the two rivals.

In light’s of Rosie’s likely re-hiring, Hasselbeck BLASTED the comedian this week, actually saying O’Donnell has "spit in the face of our military."

Speaking to CNN last night, Behar referring to this as a “a hate-filled remark,” one that hit “below the belt” and offered a simple question for Hasselbeck:

"I’d like Elisabeth to explain herself," Behar said. "What does she mean by that?"

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"Isn’t it kind of a nasty thing to say about somebody who basically is a good person?" Behar continued. "I mean, say what you want about Rosie O’Donnell, she’s a very generous person, she has a million kids, she’s always rescuing children."


Behar added that one of Rosie’s kids attends The Citadel, so "what more does Elisabeth want?"

"To say that she spits in the face of the military, that’s a dangerous thing to say about somebody," Behar said. "First of all, it’s not true. I would like her to prove it."

Then again, Joy concluded, "everything is fiction on Fox anyway, what am I talking about?"

With Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy on their way out, possible View replacements are filling the rumor mill these days.

The latest name under considering, according to sources? Meghan McCain. We like it!