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Former tabloid journalist Robert Hoffman has been exposing stunning secrets about Kate Gosselin for weeks now.

First we learned that Gosselin used her kids to become famous (a plan she apparently formulated before she even had a family or a spouse/sperm donor).

Then came reports of the awful, abusive treatment to which Gosselin subjected her children and husband, the likes of which their TLC show barely scratched the surface of.

Hoffman now says Kate forcing her kids to be on TV was just the tip of the iceberg.

The author claims to have obtained excerpts from Gosselin’s journal, including one 2007 entry in which the reality star writes of a “stress meltdown,” during which she physically attacked son Colin.

Hoffman says it all started when Colin knocked over a chair after being punished:

“Kate said that she was instantly so SO angry that she grabbed him and spanked him as hard as she could and thought that she may seriously injure him.”

“So she sent him to his crib and whipped him into it very hard.”

Afterward, “Kate said that she was worried she really might lose it and was and she was glad she left him in his crib until Jon came home from work.”

In case you’re wondering, Colin, one of the famed sextuplets, would’ve been about two-and-a-half years old at the time of the incident. 

Sounds like Steve Nelid’s decision to escape from Kate was definitely the right call.