Justin Bieber Botches Cliff Dive in Scary Video! Watch Now!

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Justin Bieber's Instagram usually consists of douchey shirtless selfies and stoned, improvised songs about being bored.

But the Bieb's mixed things up yesterday, as not only did he leave his weed lair, he also posted a video that's at best less than flattering, and at worst super embarrassing. 

Yes, Justin took a break from hitting on Ashley Moore to go cliff jumping with some friends, and we think it's safe to say that front flips aren't his strong suit.

You can't actually see Justin hit the water in the clip, but the sound of the splash, coupled with the stunned reactions from the crowd indicate that the dive did not go as planned.

The woman who exclaims, "Oh my god!" off camera helps to give us an idea of how scary the incident was to witness firsthand, but the astonished "Whoa!" from Justin is the real highlight.

Sounds like JB knew from the start that he was in over his head.

And you thought Bieber drinking underage in public was risky.

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