Bridal Parties Flash Butts in Wedding Photos: Make It Stop!

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There is a disturbing new trend making its way around the wedding world.

No, not the use of golden toilets. Not unless you happen to be Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at least.

We speak, instead, of the bride and her closet friends posing for their official wedding portrait(s) by hiking up their fancy dresses and exposing ample parts of their rear ends.

Don't believe this is actually happening around the globe? Brace yourself for the dirty truth in the following photo gallery...

Why has this become the cool thing to do? We have no idea.

It's rebellious? It's fun? It's original?

It's really none of the above, especially when you probably just spent thousands on the dress from which you are now diverting attention.

We can only hope this trend dies out faster than slap bracelets, as THG works to divert your attention via the following fun wedding videos:

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