Frozen is the New Black: Princesses in Prison Make For Hilarious Mash-Up Video!

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We've already seen what sort of hilarity can result from surprising combinations such as Frozen and Game of Thrones, now a brilliant animator has dropped some of the most beloved Disney princesses into an even more unlikely setting: Litchfield Minimum Security State Prison.

Yes, Queen Elsa and company have been given the Orange is the New Black treatment and the result is every bit as brilliant as you'd expect.

Elsa is joined behind bars by Disney favorites ranging from Beauty and the Beast's Belle ("I know you're not reading my books, b--ch!") to Brave's Merida. (How'd she get that knife inside?!)

A surprising number of OINTB characters have perfect Disney parallels. We never realized how much sweetly clueless Morello has in common with Snow White, and Pornstache, of course, is basically just Gaston with a badge.

Okay, so we may have been hoping for a live-action cameo from Elsa look-alikeĀ Anna Faith Carlson, but other than that, this clip has it all.

There's even a sly reference to John Travolta's butchering of Idina Menzel's name at the Oscars. Just when he thought we'd forgotten.

So watch Frozen is the New Black above, then check out our gallery of OITNB actresses who look completely different in real life, and marvel at how hot the ladies of Litchfield can be once they ditch those unflattering uniforms:

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