Brandi Glanville Posts Photo of Sons in Underwear, Lashes Out at Haters (Obviously)

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Brandi Glanville is at it again. This time, she posted a photo of her sons in their underwear, and lashed out at haters online after the obligatory backlash.

Weeks after fans slammed The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star for calling her son an a--hole and a f--ker, the mother of two is under fire once more.

Alongside a picture of underwear-clad boys Jake and Mason, ages 7 and 11, a proud Brandi wrote, “My little helpers are trying to build Jake’s desk!”

This promptly ignited the latest Glanville firestorm.

Brandi Glanville, Denise Richards Kissing

Twitter followers started ripping her apart for the “nasty” pic, and Glanville of course came back swinging at those calling her “inappropriate” or a bad parent.

“Sorry, it’s not appropriate to post pics of kids only in their underwear,” @Marissa_saysso wrote, while user @JosephVLopez agreed, “It’s very inappropriate!”

Follower @SusanSavoieRich wrote along the same lines “I too don’t think it’s appropriate to post your kids in their underpants on Twitter … just sayin!!”

Never one to keep quiet, Glanville was quick to respond in kind.

“They both were clothed from waist down whatever!” she wrote.

“I was naked my whole life ... #f--koffhaters”

“It was evening & guess what mine do [wear their underpants around the house]… I guess your [sic] a better person ur your [sic] kids wear more clothes #not”

“You can’t post a pic or tweet without haters!” she continued to rant. “I think this Halloween I will pass out Lexapro to all the kids parents #gethappy”

We hope she does pass out anti-depressants to trick or treaters this year, if only for the epic Twitter brouhaha it would invariably inspire on November 1.

Brandi Glanville, ladies and gentlemen. Brandi Glanville.

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