Eric Hill Death Shakes The Bachelorette Cast; Andi Dorfman Racked With Guilt

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The Bachelorette was rocked by the death of Eric Hill, which took place during the season, and last night, we saw the reaction of the remaining cast members.

As The Bachelorette spoilers indicated, there was no delay in filming after star Andi Dorfman and her final four suitors found out the tragic news.

It sure had an impact, though, after Chris Harrison summoned the five to his home to personally tell them that Hill died following a paragliding accident.

Stunned silence and tears filled the room, as Nick Viall, Josh Murray, Chris Soules and Marcus Grodd reacted stoically and Andi soon breaking down.

“You all know, Eric Hill," Chris Harrison began, struggling himself. "He, a couple of days ago, was in Utah paragliding and was in a serious accident."

"We knew he was hurt bad, we just didn’t know how bad. We learned this morning that he passed away,” he said, to the astonishment of his co-stars.

“It just puts it in perspective, there’s so much more to all this ... there’s life. People have lives here,” Andi said as the producers and crew comforted her.

“I can’t believe that was my last conversation with him,” she sobbed, referring to the episode in which Eric Hill left the show after questioning her sincerity.

Hill told her that she was wearing a “poker face” and they got into an argument. Following that, she was extremely upset and he departed the ABC series.

An adventurer and global thrill-seeker, Hill passed away at the age of 30 just a few weeks later, obviously while the end of the season was still being filmed.

Going into the rose ceremony, Andi Dorfman admitted to Harrison that she felt guilty and wasn’t sure how to go forward in light of what she'd just found out.

She felt it was her “job to be strong for them” (the four guys) and pull it together for the men who had come this far just to be with the Atlanta A.D.A.

Ultimately, she did, and Marcus was eliminated - making for a doubly painful night for both, as she clearly felt pretty bad in a different sense about that.

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