Childhood Cartoons RUINED by Hidden Sex Jokes ... or Made Infinitely More Amazing?

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Now that I'm a grown adult with children of my own who enjoy the occasional cartoon I feel like I'm in a secret club of parents who've been where I am.

The handshake for entrance into this club?

Seeing all the hidden sex jokes buried within our innocent childhood cartoons.

From relatively innocuous innuendo to outright adult material being explicitly placed where everyone can see it, it's kind of shocking some of these ever made it out of the drawing room and onto our TVs.

(Looking at YOU, Tom and Jerry!!)

Unlike mostly-harmless Disney Easter Eggs, the question here becomes were these on purpose for the parents in the audience or were the animators really that oblivious?

So sit back and prepare to have your minds blown and laugh hysterically, and/or have your childhood memories possibly ruined by the gallery above.

Oh, and welcome to the club.

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