Childhood Cartoons RUINED By Hidden Sex References

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Just when you thought your childhood was all sweet and innocent, you saw these hidden sex references. We're totes sorry for popping your cartoon cherry.

1. Twerkin' Hard For the Money

Twerkin' Hard For the Money
Miley Cyrus must have been a fan of Animaniacs while growing up. That's where she learned how to twerk.

2. Care Bears REALLY Care

Care Bears REALLY Care
That's a FULL SERVICE service there, you know?

3. Accidents Happen Now and Again

Accidents Happen Now and Again
Did the condom break, you think? Was this a "just the tip" scenario gone wrong?

4. Louis Pickles Watches Porn

Louis Pickles Watches Porn
Grandpa Pickles is a fan of fantasy porn. Yep. Space Vixens fantasy porn.

5. She's JUST Brushing Her Teeth

She's JUST Brushing Her Teeth
But really, why couldn't Nickelodeon show Angelica using proper form? Why'd they have to go and scar poor Phil like that?!

6. Angry Beavers

Angry Beavers
This is just the Heimlich maneuver, right?

7. Arthur

If they were at a museum this would somehow be way less creepy.

8. Oh, Papa Bear

Oh, Papa Bear
Papa Bear doesn't want the Pandas moving into his neighborhood and bringing down property values. (Okay, so this one isn't sexual...)

9. Cinderella

These mice are having a little TOO much fun making their lovely dress for Cinderella.

10. The Wet Spot

The Wet Spot
A familiar scene in many a' bedroom, though hopefully not a scene CHILDREN are familiar with.

11. Buzz Buzz

Buzz Buzz
Buzz Lightyear totally got a boner without actually getting a boner. This is no doubt a joke meant for the parents in the audience.

12. Marauder's Map

Marauder's Map
See those feet in the corner of the Marauder's Map? Yeah, just what are those two doing down there...

13. Helga

Remember how Helga pretended to hate Arnold but secretly wrote things like this in her journal? Someone get that girl a copy of Our Bodies Ourselves!

14. Just an Eclair

Just an Eclair
This is totally just Jerry licking an eclair, right? RIGHT?

15. More Than an Eclair

More Than an Eclair
Nope. This is clearly more than just an eclair. Also, OMG. CANNOT UNSEE.

16. Revenge

That's okay, though. Jerry exacted his revenge. By swimming in Tom's colon. (Ask any ER nurse and they'll tell you they've seen something like this before...)

17. Hey...Arnold

Oh, this is unfortunate, Grandpa. Very, very unfortunate.

18. Sponge Bob Penis Face

Sponge Bob Penis Face
Is that a penis on your face or are you just happy to see me?

19. Transformers...

WAY, WAY, WAY more than meets the eye.

20. Hakuna MATE-ata

Hakuna MATE-ata
Yeah, this is a real revelation had by parents everywhere while watching The Lion King. A real, awkward revelation they sometimes have to explain to their children.

21. Trophy Wife

Trophy Wife
Dexter's mom has got it going on.

22. The Doc Is In

The Doc Is In
Something tells us this doctor is a proctologist.

23. Sex Ed

Sex Ed
Bet you didn't know The Magic School Bus did lessons in sex ed!

24. Men Are From Mars

Men Are From Mars
And the Powerpuff Girls have figured out their secrets.

25. Balloon Animals

Balloon Animals
Spongebob is quite adept at forming balloon Squidward out of...condoms.

26. Morningwood

Not even Donald Duck is safe from morning wood.

27. Toy Story

Toy Story
This is what we missed in the X-rated and Uncut version that came between Toy Story 2 and 3.

28. Hand Jive

Hand Jive

29. Making Out or Something More?

Making Out or Something More?
Given the shifty look on her face, our money's on something more. And she just got busted!

30. That IS the Question

That IS the Question
Spit or swallow? Now we know.

31. Mr. Rogers

Mr. Rogers
We knew he couldn't be a nice guy ALL the time.

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