Melissa McCarthy: BANNED From Jenny McCarthy's Wedding!

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Many fans aren't aware of it, but Jenny McCarthy and Melissa McCarthy are cousins. 

There's not a ton of family resemblance, but the two were apparently close at one point. In fact, sources say it wasn't until Melissa's career skyrocketed after high-profile roles in Mike & Molly and Bridesmaids that the two grew apart.

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Now they're so distant - physically and emotionally - that they have zero contact with one another, and Jenny has reportedly told friends that Melissa will not be invited to her upcoming wedding with Donnie Wahlberg.

"The cousins were close at one time, but they've grown distant over the past few years," one insider confirms.

So why did Jenny and Melissa go their separate ways? Friends say the feud stems from Jenny's efforts to help Melissa make a name for herself in Hollywood...which involved making some insensitive comments about Melissa's weight:

Melissa worked as a production assistant on Jenny's short-lived talk show way back in 1997. At that time, Jenny reportedly told Melissa that she'd never make it as an actress unless she lost some weight.

The comment as said to have lit a fire under Melissa, inspiring her to make it to the A-list without starving herself.

"[Jenny's comment] really hurt Melissa, and now she's having the last laugh," says the source. "She's proving you don;t have to be a size 2 with fake boobs to make it!"

For her part, Jenny reportedly feels that Melissa is ungrateful for all the help she provided early in Melissa's career.

Melissa confirmed that she won't be attending in a recent interview with Howard Stern, stating that she and Jenny reside in "opposite worlds."

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