Brandi Glanville: Maybe I'll Name My Wine Brand After LeAnn Rimes!

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While LeAnn Rimes gets a televised half hour every week to rip on Brandi Glanville (Sure, no one watches LeAnn & Eddie, but still!), Brandi's only venue for defending herself is Twitter. Fortunately, she makes the most of it.

Brandi is launching a wine brand (most appropriate celeb business venture ever!) and apparently she's having some serious trouble deciding what to call it.

On Twitter yesterday, Brandi joked that she's so desperate that she's now drawing inspiration from her number one romantic rival/hater/doppelganger, LeAnn. While sharing possible brand name options with her followers, Brandi tweeted:

Brandi Glanville, Denise Richards Kissing

"I loved Lush, Karma, Roar (after @katyperry song) & so many others I pitched, but the names were already licensed. Whhat about "Spitfire" :) haha"

We're sure fans of LeAnn's music (Both of them!) will get the joke, but the rest of you might need an explanation:

Spitfire is the album LeAnn released last year. Many of the lyrics dealt with the fall-out from LeAnn's affair with Eddie Cibrian. 

There's an added layer of humor in that the most recent episode of LeAnn & Eddie featured a drunk LeAnn claiming that Brandi needs rehab.

See, LeAnn? That's how you do a subtle Twitter diss. 

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