LeAnn & Eddie Ratings: Incredibly Awful!

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If you've read any reviews for LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian's new VH1 series, then you know that LeAnn & Eddie might be the worst reality show ever.

But people watch lots of terrible shows starring no-talent hacks, right? After all, Keeping Up With the Kardashians is in its ninth season and we'd bet Kim doesn't even watch anymore.

Maybe viewers would ignore the critics and the fact that Rimes and Cibrian are terrible people, and just watch the darn thing anyway.

Hahaha! Glad you were able to convince yourselves of that, VH1 execs!

An estimated 374,000 people tuned into the premiere episode of LeAnn & Eddie. To put that in perspective, the episode was beaten in the ratings by reruns of COPS and Seinfeld, and a Nickelodoen sitcom called Dog With a Blog.

So yeah, it's all but guaranteed that LeAnn & Eddie will not be back for a second season. The only question is whether or not VH1 will let them ride out season one.

Most likely, the network will air the remaining episodes that have already been filmed. Both because they've already been produced, and because canning the show mid-season would be the ultimate embarrassment for the Rimes-Cibrians.

Well, we hate to say we told ya so, but as soon as we saw the first LeAnn & Eddie preview back in May, we knew this thing would be a disaster.

Somewhere, Brandi Glanville is celebrating with a second bottle of breakfast champagne. 

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