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Bradley Cooper may no longer be the sexiest man alive but for one Instagram mom, it doesn’t get any better than B-Coop.

Little is known about the woman responsible for My Life With Bradley Cooper other than that she’s a former actress who “once shared a stage” with the Oscar nominee and is now left “wondering what happened.”

He went on to Hollywood and got engaged to Suki Waterhouse, while she decided to start a family.

Fortunately, for us, the unidentified former actress (who we’ll just call Mrs. Cooper) has one thing that sets her apart from the other moms on the block – a life-size cardboard cutout of Bradley Cooper with whom she does everything from running errands to riding carousels!

Sure, Mrs. Cooper probably gets some strange looks when she has Brad push her around the grocery store in a shopping cart, but she’s just trying to keep their relationship fun and fresh!

We image that being in a relationship with a six-foot photo of a famous actor presents its own unique challenges, but here’s hoping the genius behind Life With Brad continues hanging with Mr. Cooper for our amusement.