Life With Bradley Cooper!

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Highlights from the Instagram page My Life With Bradley Cooper. it can be hard dating a 6-foot cardboard cutout.

1. Running With B-Coop!

Running With B-Coop!
Going for a jog with Bradley. It's important to shield your eyes from the sun, even if you're a cardboard cutout.

2. Shopping With Brad!

Shopping With Brad!
Brad's a great grocery shopping companion. Kinda sucks at pushing the cart, though.

3. Hanging With Mr. Cooper

Hanging With Mr. Cooper
A relaxing afternoon with Bradley. He likes when you read aloud.

4. Trying on Ties With Brad!

Trying on Ties With Brad!
Brad doesn't lose patience while shopping, like some men. He'll stand their all day.

5. Coffee With Brad!

Coffee With Brad!
Hitting the coffee bar with B-Coop. As usual, he doesn't have much to say.

6. B-Coop Carousel!

B-Coop Carousel!
Riding a carousel with Bradley Cooper. He's a very quiet companion.

7. Cleaning Up With Brad!

Cleaning Up With Brad!
Bradley likes to help around the house. At least watch motionless as you do all the work.

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