Bradley Cooper: Engaged to Suki Waterhouse?

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Bradley Cooper has been intensely private about his relationship with 22-year-old model Suki Waterhouse, but it seems the guarded couple has been unable to conceal news of their engagement.

Bradley Cooper MET Gala Photo
Suki Waterhouse MET Gala Photo

Eagle-eyed fans have taken a closer look at photos of Brad and Suki at Monday's MET Gala and noticed that while Suki seemed intent on hiding her left hand from the cameras, in some shots a giant rock on her commitment finger is clearly visible.

The couple walked down the red carpet separately as they always do (weird), but Suki seemed even more bubbly and bursting with joy than usual at the Gala.

For his part, Cooper was sporting the bloated, down-trodden look of the soon-to-be-married man.

We kid! Brad's packed on the pounds for his role in the upcoming film American Sniper.

Once considered a one-note handsome face, Brad's acting career has exploded as of late. Recently, Cooper's role in American Hustle earned him his second Oscar nomination in as many years.

Waterhouse and Cooper began dating in early 2013 and both refuse to speak publicly about the relationship.

Bradley broke up with Zoe Saldana not long before his relationship with Suki began. He once had a reputation as something of a Hollywood playboy, but it seems he's settling down just as his career is blowing up. 

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