Amanda Longacre Sues Miss America, Seeks Reinstatement as Miss Delaware

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Amanda Longacre, a 24-year-old woman stripped of her Miss Delaware title for being too old, is suing state pageant officials and the Miss America organization.

In a lawsuit filed this week, Amanda is seeking to be reinstated as Miss Delaware 2014 and to be allowed to compete in this year's Miss America pageant.

She wants $500,000 in damages for herself and $2.5 million for others she says were recruited to compete in pageants before being told they were too old.

Miss America pageant rules require contestants to be between 17 and 24. Amanda Longacre turns 25 on October 22, after this year's national pageant.

The lawsuit filed by Longacre alleges that one or more other contestants in the 2014 Miss Delaware pageant also were too old to compete under those rules.

Basically ... the rule is not only unfair, it's selectively enforced by a poorly-run organization that is ruining people's lives as a result of its ineptitude.

Not that Miss America necessarily sees it that way.

"This is a lawsuit without merit and we will defend it vigorously," said Sharon Pearce, president of the Miss America organization, defending said rules.

State pageant representatives did not comment, but either way ... if rules are rules, fine, but how did she enter, compete and win without this being realized?!

Here's hoping she gets the tiara back.

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