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Adam Richman recently lost 70 pounds.

Now, he’s almost definitely lost his new TV show.

The Travel Channel has pulled Man Finds Food from its schedule after Richman took to Instagram to show off his new look and included along with some photos the hashtag “#thinspiration."

Adam Richman Taunts Haters, Gets Series Postponed

When some followers pointed out that this term is often used by those with eating disorders to promote extreme and unhealthy weight loss, well… Richman did not respond well.

"Oh eat a bag of shit, dummy. No apology is coming," he told one follower. "Only fuckup it seems was your dad’s choice to go without a condom."


Then, incredibly, it got worse.

In another slam, Richman told a poster to "grab a razor blade and draw a bath. I doubt anyone will miss you."

Richman eventually deleted these taunts and threats, but not before they were captured for the entire Internet to see.

"I’ve responded to internet hate recently with vile words directed at those hating me. I am sorry, I should know better & will do better,” the former Man vs. Food host Tweeted, later telling ABC:

"I’ve long struggled with my body image and have worked very hard to achieve a healthy weight. I’m incredibly sorry to everyone I’ve hurt.

The Travel Channel has not officially canceled Man Finds Food (a series that centered on Richman traveling the nation to "uncover unique, surprising, and delicious hidden food treasures), but it has no plans at the moment to air it, either.