13 Engagement Photos That Will Make You Glad You're Single

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Feeling lonely these days? Wondering where you'll ever find Mr. or Mrs. Right? Jealous of all your married friends?

THG is here to, once again, give you a reason to feel A LOT better about your love life... or lackthereof.

Aside from these 9 Things That Are Better Than a Significant Other, consider what happens to couples once they agree to take the marital plunge.

No, we're not talking about a lack of sex. We're talking about cringeworthy engagement pictures that will leave you wondering what the heck the betrothed twosome were thinking.

Why is one partner not wearing a shirt? Why do the subjects look so serious? Why is there a bow and arrow?

We can't answer any all of these questions. But we can leave you asking them and many more as you flip through the following photo gallery:

The only thing more awkward than these images may be the way in which many men actually proposed to their girlfriends.

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