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Jesse Cottle and his wife Kelly recently posted what they believed to be an everyday photo of themselves to Facebook:

The San Diego residents were posing with family members for some beach-based pictures when Cottle took off off his prosthetic legs and jumped on Kelly’s back so she could carry him in to the water.

Jesse, a former Marine, lost both his legs after stepping on an IED in Afghanistan in 2009 and this is a simply how he has to move around sometimes.

He and Kelly met while he was recovering and they got married last year.

And they thought little of the above image when putting it online… only to watch the hits and comments continue to climb on an hourly basis.

“Everything just kept skyrocketing,” Jesse told 10 News of the social media reaction. “And we were just astounded.”


Kelly often carries her husband on the beach because the sand causes problems for his prosthetics.

“It doesn’t matter how heavy he is,” she said. “It just makes me thankful, more than anything, that I am able to share these moments with Jesse and that he is still here.”

Jesse and Kelly shared their story last week on Good Morning America, leading to an even bigger fan base and, Jesse hopes, a lesson that many other men can take with them.

“We both believe that the husband – he’s the man – he’s the head of the household, but it’s also perfectly okay for the ladies to kind of support the man and carry the man both physically and figuratively.”