11 Memorable Tracy Morgan Quotes from 30 Rock: How is Florida Like a Penis?

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As previously detailed, Tracy Morgan is in critical condition following a major car accident.

And while we continue to keep the beloved comic in our thoughts and prayers, we figured it would be a good time to honor him with a list of his timeless quips that have put us in stitches over the years:

Naturally, playing loose cannon sketch show star Tracy Morgan on 30 Rock wasn't much of a stretch for Jordan, but while the role may not have always required him to flex his acting muscle, it was a part that couldn't have been played by anyone else.

So jump into the gallery above to enjoy some of Tracy's best 30 Rock quotes, one-liners and put-downs from the long-running NBC sitcom.

Because, as his semi-fictional alter-ego would say, Tracy is like "the black Tyler Perry."

30 Rock wrapped up its seven-season run last year and Morgan's co-stars have often spoken fondly of the childlike actor, known for his willingness to do anything for a laugh.

Recurring player Rachel Dratch was one of the many celebs to tweet her prayers and well wishes to Morgan and his family.

The most up-to-date information available indicates that Morgan suffered multiple broken bones and may remain hospitalized for several weeks.

We wish him a full and speedy recovery and hope that he'll continue to crack us up with bizarre non-sequiturs for many years to come.

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