25 Things Every Human Secretly Wishes They Could Do

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If you're a human being living on this planet we call Earth, there are many things you dream of doing but can't, or choose not to for obvious reasons.

This is a fundamental component of life as we know it, but man, life would be so much easier if we could just run the world and do whatever we want.

Of course, if you were a cat, you could pretty much act accordingly.

They run the show, after all. Don't want to pay for that food over there? No problem, just take it. Feel like breaking s--t for no reason at all? Go to town.

Don't feel like watching your significant other work from home while you're bored out of your mind and in need of attention? Cool. Just lay on the keyboard.

They have it good. It's their world, and we just live in it. We'll have to be content with our fantasizes, or living vicariously through our feline friends.

Here are 25 things every human secretly wishes they could do:

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