True Tori Reunion Sneak Peek: Did Dean McDermott Cheat More Than Once?

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The drama isn't even CLOSE to over for Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, who come together for the True Tori reunion special this evening on Lifetime.

Yes ... a husband and wife reunion show. About as bizarre as it gets.

Despite last week's True Tori finale wrapping things up on a relatively upbeat note, the couple is still facing serious difficulties on the road to recovery.

Sitting down with ET's Brooke Anderson for True Tori: The Reunion: All Questions Answered, Tori is asked a burning question in the sneak peek below:

Why didn't she ask if Dean cheated with more than one woman?

The reality star's answer may surprise you, or it may not.

"I was afraid," Tori admits, displaying rare candor on what many feel is a fake reality show. "I'm still afraid because I feel like there's no good answer."

What she means by that:

  1. If he says there weren't other women, she can't believe it;
  2. If he says there were others, shed be forced to leave him.

So basically, she has a strong suspicion that Emily Goodhand wasn't the first recipient of Dean's adulterous liaisons and can't bear to hear the truth.

Talk about Spelling things out for us.

Many have speculated that this is a sham and Emily Goodhand is not even real. Listening to Tori talk about Dean, that now seems hard to believe.

Clearly, some elements of the reality show have been shamelessly scripted to capitalize on the duo's issues, but she doesn't trust the guy. At all.

She doesn't ask the question because she knows the answer, yet really wants to make the marriage work and thus feels it's best to ignore it.

Amazing and sad, really.

Tori also fired back at those who feel karma is at play and she deserved to be cheated on, given that she cheated on husband Charlie Shanian with Dean in 2005.

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