Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 1 Recap: Off to Mexico!

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What happened in Mexico did not stay in Mexico on Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 1.

Quite the opposite, in fact. It was broadcast on national television!

For reasons far from clear at first, the opening installment plopped fans right down south of the border, as Stiles and Lydia were debating the merits of a plan.

We then witnessed them wander into a hidden disco that is, of course, also the secret base of the Calaveras family of hunters.

Scott, Kira and Malia were also there, helping out while Stiles and Lydia attempted to bribe Mama Calaveras with Japanese gangster money.

But the hunters had an answer, specifically one that began with wolfsbane-laced mist and ended with rather extensive torture.

The torture actually leads Derek to realize Derek’s true location is NOT with this hunter family, but with a very-much-alive Kate Argent.

Remember a long time ago when the Argents chatted bout how an Alpha can turn a person, either with a bite or a very deep scratch? Apparently, when Peter Hale he slit Kate's throat, he did just this to the crazy lady. Now she’s a jaguar. 

The Calaveras' matriarch then sends Scott and his group off to a ruined town in the desert where they believe Derek is being held captive. Braeden, the teenage mercenary who popped up sporadically last year, goes along with them.

Stiles' car ends up breaking down, forcing Scott and Braeden to carry on via motorcycle.

But wait! Turns out, the Jeep only stopped because it picked up a giant talon on the road. Around this same time, Malia hears noises out in the brush and runs off in pursuit.

She returns empty-handed... but with slashed abdomen and a complaint about stuff that smells dead. Weird.

At the abandoned town, Scott and Braeden investigate the basement of a ruined church… where they find Derek! Along with some dead-ish things. But Kate isn’t around, leaving them to wonder about the jaguar-related sculpture in the Mesoamerican style.

Derek is a bit off his game, however, seemingly regretting back to his teenage days of loving the cello.

What did everyone think of the premiere? Of Scott and Kira being all cute and awkward? Of the bond between Stiles and Malia?

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