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U.S. women’s soccer star Hope Solo entered a not guilty plea in court Monday after her weekend domestic violence arrest in Washington State.

She is accused of assaulting two relatives in a drunken outburst.

Hope Solo Pleads Not Guilty

The two-time Olympic gold medalist was released on the conditions she avoid contact with her half-sister and a 17-year-old nephew, and that she not drink alcohol.

A pretrial hearing was set for the morning of August 11.

Dressed in a white shirt and black pants, Solo said little, telling the judge "I do" when asked if she understood the domestic violence assault charges against her.

Solo was arrested for domestic violence assault after a 911 call in which a male reported that a woman would not stop "hitting people" or leave the house.

Meanwhile, Solo’s 17-year-old nephew is speaking out, telling TMZ that he pulled a gun on the athlete to try to get her to stop attacking him … to no avail.


The boy told police that Hope appeared to be drunk when she came over to the nephew’s Seattle-area home and was upset because she missed a flight.

He says Hope thought he was talking smack about her and became agitated, then told him he would never be a pro athlete because he was "too fat and crazy."

The kid left the room, but Hope followed him and "called me a p–sy because I called my mom … I then told her to ‘get her c–t face out’ of my house."

That’s when allegedly Hope went on the offensive, the teenager says, grabbing the boy’s hair and repeatedly punching him, attacking like an uncaged animal.

"I then went into a back room and got an old gun that does not work, pointed it at her and she kept coming at me," admits the teen, though it didn’t do the job.

"She didn’t leave but walked around me cornering me like a shark."

The boy says Solo left when he called the cops, only to return a short time later, at which point she started attacking the boy’s mom (her half-sister) as well.

Therefore, he "grabbed a broomstick and began hitting her in the head."

For her part, Hope’s sister says the weapon was actually a BB gun.

Whatever it was, this sounds like a seriously insane situation.