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Miley Cyrus reportedly dissed fellow former Disney star Selena Gomez hard during her concert in Italy, and Selena is reportedly far from pleased.

By singing "FU" to a Gomez cardboard cutout, which she then discarded into the crowd, Miley left little doubt that she was taking Gomez to task.

For what, it’s unclear, but the woman on the cardboard cutout isn’t happy.

Miley Cyrus Throws Selena Gomez Doll

“Selena already knows that Miley will do anything for attention even if it means dissing other people,” a source said. “Selena would never do what Miley did."

"She doesn’t really have any respect for her. She thinks Miley’s number one priority in life is getting attention and at this point she feels sorry for her!”

The two haven’t exactly been on the best of terms for awhile, but now?

“They have been catty and fueding since the Disney days and this is just a continuance of it," the source adds. "There is definitely no love lost."


"They talk $h!t. This just happened to be made public. Selena thinks Miley is lame, but expected this from Miley since they both don’t like each other."

Again, it’s unknown what prompted this shocking live display from Cyrus.

Miley and Justin Bieber could pass for twins, and dude has been embroiled in a tumultuous relationship with Selena, so maybe this is Miley taking his side?

Who knows. We don’t and we likely never will. But we do know for a fact that we would much rather gaze at Selena photos on Instagram. Sorry Miles.