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She’s at it again. After throwing shade at Lorde last week (then quickly apologizing), and insulting Nicki Minaj fans just days before that, Iggy Azalea has selected an even more unlikely target for her passive-aggressive sharp-tongued burns – rock legends The Beatles.

Yes, strange as it may seem Iggy’s drawn quite a few comparisons to John, Paul, George, and Ringo in recent weeks as a result of the fact that Azalea currently holds the 1 and 2 spots on the Billboard charts, a feat that had only previously been accomplished by the Fab Four.

It seems the “Fancy” rapper has no interest in the groundbreaking hitmakers, however, and she’d prefer to be likened to another legendary Brit band:

In a recent interview, Iggy declared that her historic chart performance “doesn’t mean anything,” and shrugged off the Beatles comparison.

“I’d rather be the Rolling Stones,” said the outspoken Aussie. 

Really, Iggy? Being mentioned in the same breath as the friggin’ Beatles pissed you off? Isn’t it a little early in your career to start burning every bridge you cross?

Oh well, at least you look good in a bikini: