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We always knew there was a resemblance, but wow. Just … wow.

This hilarious, seizure-inducing GIF of the Justin Bieber mug shot morphing into Miley Cyrus’ face might be the best thing to come out of this week’s scandal.

Maybe it’s just that the photos are similarly proportioned or that both stars appear super happy in them … but these two young ladies look an awful lot alike:

Look at those piercing eyes, those million-dollar smiles and those awkward hairstyles. It’s as if they were two identical twin girls switched at birth. Uncanny.

Ironically, given the way people treat her like the anti-christ, Miley Cyrus has managed to stay out of jail and (relatively) scandal free in her personal life.

Her song “We Can’t Stop” is about taking Molly, and for that she’s been criticized plenty, but there’s little to suggest that she has substance abuse issues.

Or any other issues. Say what you will about her “art” or the example she sets, but when was the last time Miley got in trouble? That’s right. Hasn’t happened.

Justin, on the other hand …

The 19-year-old hothead was charged with drag racing, DUI, resisting arrest, and driving with a suspended license in a rented Lamborghini Thursday morning.

A model named Chantel Jeffries was in the car with the Biebs, who was processed and cut loose on $2,500 bail, leaving jail to a throng of (mostly) cheering fans.

Perhaps most incredibly, this was just the latest in an insane stretch of antics for the once squeaky-clean star, whose public meltdown is becoming epic.

Unless he gets a serious attitude adjustment (better step up, Scooter Braun), this won’t be the last Justin Bieber scandal you read about by a long shot.

Think he can pull it together? And speaking of Miley:

Which celebrity would you rather … you know?!