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Katy Perry and Diplo “broke up” in May after dating for less than a month, and no one was particularly surprised.

After all, Katy Perry breakups are like full moons – we get one every month or so.  But in this case, it seems KP may have tried to put one over on us. 

As Katy’s latest bikini photos attest, the singer is on vacation some place tropical. And as a few of her eagle-eyed Instagram followers have noted she’s been joined on her getaway by none other than Diplo:

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Premiere Pic

Yes, the photo on the left is a selfie Katy posted recently and the photo on the right is a shot of Diplo’s feet that was posted to Instagram on the same day in the same hammock! 

We believe the term for that is “busted.”


When Katy talked about her sex life and stated that she doesn’t “stay single for long,” we didn’t know that meant getting back together with her ex after just a few weeks apart.

Naturally, neither party has confirmed the reconciliation, and we suppose it’s possible that Katy and Diplo are enjoying an entirely platonic island vacation together, but c’mon…

No one goes on vacation with their ex without the expectation that things are gonna heat up. Particularly when the ex in question looks like this: