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Selena Gomez’ Instagram meltdown last month had many worried that the singer had sworn off posting her sexy selfies to the photo-sharing site for good.

Fortunately, our long national nightmare is over and Selena is back to sharing her cleavage and suggestively parted lips with the world. 

That shot of a bikini-clad Selena was posted over the weekend, so we guess it’s safe to assume Selena’s period of cutting herself off from social media in order to focus on her music is officially over!

Selena Gomez: Goddess

She certainly didn’t abstain for very long, but we can’t say we blame her. Have you ever tried to stay off Twitter and Facebook for an extended period of time? It ain’t easy.

We’re thrilled Ms. Gomez is back to posting sultry, filtered photos of herself; we just hope Selena continues to block Justin Bieber from her social networking pages. That’s change we can believe in.


Selena hasn’t given any reason for her return to Instagram and she also hasn’t responded to rumors that she’s dating Orlando Bloom

So it seems that while she’s back to posting selfies, she’s also making a concerted effort to keep her private life private. 

This girl’s got the right idea. Get rid of the over-sharing and pity parties that have made social networks unbearable and focus on the reason the Internet was invented in the first place: boobs. 

Selena Gomez: Goddess