Pippa Middleton Speaks! British Beauty Talks “Family Wedding,” Unexpected Celebrity & More

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Ah, now we know why Matt Lauer signed a new contract with Today:

He wanted to sit across from Pippa Middleton!

The 30-year old, who sky-rocketed to worldwide fame after the April 2011 nuptials between Prince William and her sister Kate Middleton, spoke with Lauer today for her first-ever broadcast interview.

"We saw it as a family wedding," Pippa said of the global event. "We really saw it as a family getting together and doing their bit. To me, it was just performing in front of a lot of people, just not the world. It was surreal!"

Thanks to her Alexander McQueen bridesmaid's dress, of course, Pippa (and her well-accentuated rear end) quickly trended across the Internet.

She told Lauer that such attention was "completely unexpected" and the chatter over her gown grew to an "embarrassing" level.

In the above video, Middleton also talks about her charity work, which includes biking across a dozen states as a part of “Race Across America."

As for the famous dress?

"It's in my wardrobe at home. I haven't worn it since - I think I'll just keep it there."

Or, you know, she could also break it out and wear it again. Everyday for the rest of her life. Just a suggestion.

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